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Sophia Rhee OMD L.Ac

Meet the Acupuncturist: 

Sophia Rhee, L.Ac., has effectively treated hundreds of patients with traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. She holds a Master's degree in Acupuncture and Oriental medicine Licensed by the California Acupuncture Board and National certification in Acupuncture and oriental medicine. She also volunteers every year in different places in the world treating people chronic pain and disease.

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Our Advice

Acupuncture is all natural treatment results comes slowly so be patient and dont stop treating yourself when your breakthrough can be just around the corner. 

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Our best Interest is to improve your health.  

Acupuncture treatment is now used worldwide to relieve pain, strengthen the organs, enhance immunity, reduce cosmetic problems and help you achieve a healthy balance in your body. 

In 1979 the World Health Organization recognized the
use of acupuncture treatment for the following medical conditions:

Diabetes , muscle weakness, sciatica, back and neck pain , muscle cramps , arthritis , insomnia , depression , anxiety ,nervousness , migraines , Parkinson diarrhea , indigestion constipation , asthma , infertility , menopause, chronic fatigue, stress reduction , addictions,irregular menstruation.

Acupuncture needles are small painless thin needles that are inserted into the skin. In fact, many patients become so relaxed that often fall asleep during the session. The acupuncturist will help regulate your system and also offer suggestions for your diet and lifestyle and see the changes you want on your health.

​Therefore, instead of looking for reasons why not try acupuncture, trying to learn more about acupuncture and let the knowledge about acupuncture lead you into the first step towards healing naturally.

Acupuncture and Infertility

Female Infertility: 

1. Kidney deficiency:  Has not recovered completely from previous labor, miscarriage or chronic fatigue.

2. Stagnation of Qi: If you have lots of stress it may cause the stagnation of Qi circulation and

your hormones gets unbalance.

3. Dampness and Phlegm:  Because of bad circulation, the waste accumulates in the womb and body.

4. Deficiency of Blood: irregular diet, malnutrition and irregular eating habits results in lack
of blood that causes dry uterus.

5.Uterus Cold: If your hands and feet are cold it means your uterus is cold. If your
uterus is cold you experience many pain and cramps during menstruation. If you
have difficult menstruations don’t wait any longer to treat it.  

Male Infertility:

1. Kidney Deficiency:  There is not enough yang or lower vital energy.

2. Stagnation of Qi: Too much work and stress causes lack of Qi and broken balance of the ying/yang. If you have lots of stress it may cause the stagnation of Qi circulation and your hormones gets unbalance.

3.Irregular eating habits such as overeating and too much alcohol causes bad circulation of the Qi and blood.

4. Sexual exaltation is depleted by frequent intercourse life. In Oriental medicine too much sex is seen to affect men more than women. The reason for this is because when a man reaches orgasm and ejaculates, he is losing some of his precious innate energy. A man who engages in frequent sexual activity or masturbation that results in ejaculation can deplete his innate energy and this can lead to deficiency that causes male infertility. 

In case there is no apparent good effect with modern medical treatment; Oriental medicine can be more effective. 

Unexplained infertility, Infertility caused by endometriosis or Polycystic ovarian disease can also be
treated with Oriental medicine.  The effect is very good.

Oriental Medicine approach is to improve the functioning of the whole body and the reproductive endocrine system can expect a good therapeutic effect.

While being in the ongoing management of infertility treatment is important to have a healthy lifestyle combined with diet and exercise.  

The duration of treatment for infertility takes about 3 months to one year. The process of infertility treatment is slow process. Thus, the couple with active commitment is very important to successful pregnancy

Can acupuncture be used to treat infertility?
Infertility is not a disease were you absolutely cannot have

children is only a period of pregnancy status. If you know what interferes with
your pregnancy and correct it, you can overcome infertility. 

 Having cold like symptoms and cough? I want to show you a natural and sweet way to take that away. Enjoy!

​                      1. Buy a fresh Asian pear (2 lb)                                           2. Cut it from the top                                      3. Take out  the seeds;don't pierce to the bottom                                                                  

                     4. Fill in the hole with real good honey                                  5. Example​                                                         6. Place the removed top after inserting the honey          

                    7. Place the honey filled pear in a bowl.                                8. Seal with plastic wrap                                       9. Prepare slow cooker (or any electric pot)           

                   10. Insert the bowl on the steamer; don't touch the water      11.Cook High for 20-24 hrs                                     12. After 20-24 hrs                                          


                                                                                                               13. Keep cooking till the pear looks caramelized. 


How to drink it:

Before you sleep drink ½ honey/pear soup and eat ½ pear. This will reduce night time coughing. In the morning take the rest of the honey/pear soup and eat the rest of the pear. 

Good for: asthma, coughing, plague, persisting coughing, as well as sore throat and cold.

Natural honey is nature’s a natural antibiotic.

Control Weight with Onions??

The efficacy of onion varies. Is a well-known fact that onion lowers cholesterol and prevent hardening of the arteries. Research shows the
elasticity of the blood vessels grow and maintain normal blood pressure, anti-cancer efficacy. Onion is also equipped with powerful features to control blood sugar in adults with diabetes and helps to prevent obesity. 

UK Food Research (IFR) , Dr. Paul Kroon team says onions contain a

substance called quercetinthat prevents chronic inflammation of the arteries.

The researchers examined theblood of those who ate onions; quercetin

results inside the vessel prevented accumulation of fat and cholesterol.

Onion is good for constipation pain or fatigue. Onion helps
concentration of the brain and enhances efficacy to prevent dementia and makes the
cornea and lens of the eye stronger too.

These onions are cooked as a side dish to eat outside the home,
but hard to eat all the time with enough
amounts to get results. That’s why Laffa Acu clinic offers onion extract 
to cover the daily amount you need.  

Order by website or by phone at (213) 483-1223

Comment Below

I highly recommend Dr. Rhee.  I have been seeing her for various aliments for the last year.  She has helped with back pain, sinus infections, building lung support (I have asthma) among others.  She is kind and caring and although I hate needles, I look forward to going to her.  One of the treatments I haven't tried yet but will be starting next month is facial treatments to reduce lines and give my overall face a lift.  I will keep you all posted on how that goes.  

Do not hesitate to go to Dr. Rhee.  Her prices are more then reasonable and she can help.

-Nicole O.

Dr. Sophia Rhee is the best doctor of acupuncture I've been to. She 's worth me driving from Studio City.  Sophia is intuitive, gentle, and has a way of knowing what may be ailing me before I can even articulate it myself.  Her deep knowledge and obvious desire to help people is so comforting and creates a lot of reassurance that her treatments works.  I have seen and felt the changes I was looking for after one month of weekly treatment.  I have continued to see Sophia for 3 months now.
She was recommended to me, and I have recommended her to a friend who is also seeing her regularly.

I have gone in for back ache, low energy, and maintaining fertility.  She's amazing!   - Dina D.

DR.Sophia is great !!! she is really good at what she does . Her treatments worked amazingly ... I had a really fainfull siatica and with one visit the pain was gone for good!! now I feel great thanks to Dr. Sophia . -Victoria Lee

​THANK YOU DR SOFIA, you are awesome! I wish there were more stars, but they only let me rate up to 5, I would rate this place with 100 stars if I could. Dr. Sofia is professional and very good at what she does. The treatments do work and they can be very beneficial to you. For many years I was seeing doctors in Western Medicine, and they always do the same process, monitor, medicate, and operate. Usually when they operate they operate on your wallet like a bunch of vultures. But Dr. Sofia is Eastern Medicine, she believes in curing your illness, she takes action now, and not later. I was scared at first, but now I get this treatment for me. I have had stomach problems and my blood pressure was crazy, since seeing Dr. Sofia I have not had all those problems. Thank you Dr Sofia.        -Writwar